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Hi, I'm Nick

Nick Ruffles

Cloud Native Engineer at Container Solutions.

I am a cloud native engineer focused on Kubernetes and cloud native technologies. I have a passion for automation and infrastructure as code. I have experience working with a variety of cloud providers including AWS, GCP and Azure along with extensive experience working in highly regulated environments, with a strong focus on security and compliance.

University of Sheffield - BSc Software Engineering
Certified Kubernetes Administrator
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
Team Work
Hard Working



Container Solutions.

Aug 2022 - Present


A Cloud Native consultancy helping to transform organisation’s infrastructure to be cloud native.

Cloud Native Engineer

Apr 2024 - Present

  • Working within a highly regulated UK environment
  • Leading the design & implementation of the testing strategy for the client’s Internal Development Platform
  • Supported a team as a Java specialist to debug microservices not starting
Software Engineer

Aug 2022 - Apr 2024

  • Worked within a highly regulated swiss environment
  • Lead the implementation and maintenance of a Terraform Enterprise environment
  • Implemented security policies using Wiz for Azure
  • Curated a collection of end-to-end tested Azure Terraform modules
  • Contribute to OSS (Open Source Software) such as ESO
  • Migrate existing applications to Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, Concourse and BOSH.
  • Pair program with clients and team members

University of Sheffield

Jun 2021 - Present


Designed, developed and deployed a Ruby on Rails application for tracking PhD researchers through their studies.

Software Engineer

Sep 2022 - Present

  • Liaise with heads of departments to build requirements document
  • Migrating the application to be used throughout all departments in the University
  • Update dependencies
Software Engineer

Jun 2021 - Sept 2021

  • Use the Agile methodology
  • Update clients of team progress via weekly meetings
  • Design and create the Rails application for the Engineering department
  • Deploy the application into production to be used within the university.



A leader of a successful society targeted towards educating students about ethical hacking and penetration testing.


Jun 2020 - Aug 2022

  • Teaching advanced penetration testing techniques
  • Delegating tasks
  • Organising and presenting weekly sessions
  • Collaborated with Industry leaders


B.Sc. in Software Engineering, 1st Class with Honors
Grade: 1st Class with Honors out of 24 modules
Taken Courses:
Course NameTotal CreditObtained Credit
Logic in Computer Science2092%
Cyber Security Team Project1084%
Software hut2084%
Systems Design and Security2073%
Computer Security and Forensics1069%


Creator October 2023 - Present

UPSWake reads data from a UPS Nut Server and uses it to dynamically send Wake on Lan packets to servers

External Secrets Operator
External Secrets Operator
Contributor October 2023 - Present

I helped contribute to External Secrets Operator, which is a Kubernetes operator that integrates external secret management systems

Pwn Adventure 3 Hack
Pwn Adventure 3 Hack
Creator January 2021 - March 2021

I created a hack for Pwn Adventure 3, a game designed to teach hacking

Buffer Overflow Prep
Buffer Overflow Prep
Creator January 2023 - February 2023

A repo used for learning Buffer Overflows as preparation for the OSCP exam

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